H2s Ticket

MMPA Hometown BioEnergy The MPCA levied the fines because it found the plant had too high a concentration of hydrogen sulfide within the gas running through the site. The gas, while poisonous if unfiltered, is run through the facility and partially converted into energy, with chemically altered exhaust that exits the facility. The hydrogen sulfide, the target of the fines, is taken out of the gas by iron salt filters within the plant’s system. The filtered exhaust is relatively safe. Other problems listed in the fines include the company’s failure to document checkups on facility systems, such as catalyzers that help to generate energy through the facility. The fines were doled out in June along with smaller fines for two other Le Sueur County businesses fined during the third quarter of 2016 for air quality violations. Fiberglas Fabricators, Inc. was fined $2750 and Winco Inc, was fined $2500. The problems listed in the fine documents have been addressed, MMPA representatives said in an emailed statement. “We’ve improved our internal regulatory monitoring processes to help ensure similar issues are avoided in the future.

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